Hi, this is Mari! In addition to being an artist, I am a voice coach. I take my students to new heights as we explore their true self and voice!

My teachers are sang at some of the world’s most prestigious venues; but teaching became their passion because there was an undeniable fire inside them- one which inspired generations before and after mine. My voice has been shaped by each of these vocal greats, as well as every performance and writing session I’ve done since then, filling me with unstoppable confidence and love for art.

Singing is part of our culture so it’s important for all people at any age or stage in life to learn the craft- even if they have never dreamed of singing in public!

I teach online and seasonally at Berklee College of Music.

You can contact me through the form on this page or email me at Mari@MariRosa.com

Here is a video testimonial from some of my awesome students!