John Matouk of says, “Vocalist Mari Rosa is an enchanting young performer with a pitch-perfect voice.., and a talent for writing songs that are eccentric and irresistible.”

Track 1: Bicycle Wheel (This song is a Top 5 Finalist Winner in The Great American Song Contest – Singer/Songwriter Category)

“Your heart my heart/ is kinetic art. Its moving parts/traverse the way between.”


Track 2: Conspiracy Theory

“Love is a story that I did not write / It has flowers and dinner and sex after a fight / It isn’t uncouth but it isn’t polite / I guess it’s more a feeling to me”


Track 3: Winter

“Winter is not dead / it bows its humble head / covered in Vologda lace”


Track 4: Love Love Love

“As we stand below the stardust casting up our wishes bright / we are speaking to the muses / we are standing in their sight when we sing, Love Love Love”


Track 5: Beautiful Prize

“When you feel alone, tend your fire / Feel it in your bones, you’re alive / Shout it from the hills because life is a Beautiful Prize”


All songs Written by Mari Rosa ©2016 Mari Rosa Music(SESAC)


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