Music is a big adventure, even for musicians. A pentalingual singer, composer, and pianist from Boston, Mari Rosa studied classical music and jazz –performing around the world in seven languages– before finding her own unique, warm, pop style. A vivid musical storyteller with awards in four genres –singer-songwriter, Latin jazz, jazz, and holiday music– Mari Rosa embraces the unusual, the forlorn, and even the funny. Whether she is accompanied herself on piano, or working with a pop or jazz band, Mari Rosa is a vivid, multidimensional singer songwriter.

In her own words, “Music was always deeply meaningful to me. It’s a way for people to feel into their lives. I’ve met music business people who look at musicians and say twe should focus on branding and strategic communication with our fans. That has to play a limited part because the world does not need more artifice. It needs art. It’s the makers, not the marketers, who give our lives context, who soften difficult moments and make the happy ones happier. That‘s why music is so compelling. It’s about elevation and evolution..,  not elevator pitches.”

Mari Rosa lives between Boston –where she teaches part of the year at Berklee College of Music– and Paris, France.  She has shared the stage and studio with Cuban legend Cachao(inventor of the Mambo), Latin Grammy Award winner Fernando Otero,  Scott Healy of the Max Weinburg Seven(Conan O’Brien), Kermit Driscoll(Bill Frisell), Richie Morales(Spyro Gyra), Will Daily, Parks, Don Friedman, and many other wonderful friends and collaborators.




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